Hurricane Hermine Relief Efforts are Finally Federally Approved


Hurricane Hermine struck the Big Bend on the second of September, and President Obama just declared the hurricane a major disaster on Sept. 28, 2016. The people of North Florida and Tampa Bay have been devastated by the hurricane in many ways; this declaration has come just in the nick of time.


The declaration that President Barack Obama enacted provides the victims with the following:


  • Temporary housing is available for all those who need it
  • Federally-backed grants will be issued to the victims to repair their homes
  • Low-cost loans will be available to cover uninsured losses


Of course, these contributions only cover some of federal relief that these victims will receive. The goal is to help people and business owners in the area get back on their feet.


Cries Urging the President to Act


One should keep in mind that it took almost a month for President Barack Obama to do something for the people of Florida, which the people took notice of. Keep in mind that governor Rick Scott officially declared the natural catastrophe to be a major disaster on Sep. 20. The governor said that the state sustained $36 million in damages.


Senator Bill Nelson urged the President to grant the request by submitting a letter stating his plea. Marco Rubio, who is another famed senator, also submitted a personal letter to Obama requesting that he quickly declared the situation a major disaster.


The Declaration is Opening the Doors of Relief


The initial request asked for aid for specific areas where the hurricane struck the hardest. The residents of these counties are definitely grateful for the aid, but the government is not done; it is looking for more people to help.


The Federal Emergency Management Agency has been tasked with finding other counties that might have been seriously affected by the hurricane. The agency is attempting to asses the damage that has not been reported and other countries that can be covered by President Obama’s declaration.


Non-Profit Organizations and Local Governments Need Help, too


The aid provided by President Obama also extends to non-profit organizations and local governments that are attempting to provide as much help as possible for the residents of the affected areas.


These organizations and governments know the region, which makes the aid imperative during disasters of this magnitude. Some of these organizations and local governments might have some damage to deal with as well. President Obama’s declaration will also help these helpers get back on their feet so they can get back to assisting others.


Many people in North Florida might need help right now. It is hard for the Federal Emergency Management Agency to find everyone, but it is trying. This is why the agency is urging the people of Florida to apply for federal aid through the agency’s website. Those affected could also apply through the site or just by calling the 1-800-621-3362 number. Keep in mind that business owners can apply, too.

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